Black Minnow Size 2

Fiiish Black Minnow size 2 (90) is a very soft silicone spinning lure with jig head and hook hidden in the rubber body. Designed for bass fishing, it was deadly for all predators both at sea and in fresh water. This measure is 9 centimeters with a body weight of 4 grams, one of the best-selling sizes of the whole series, the best to use both in fresh water for black bass, pike, pike perch, trout, asp and in the sea on sea bass , greenhouse, tombarelli, cork oaks and blue fish as it imitates forage fish. In addition to traditional spinning, it is also sold for those who practice vertical jig using the heavier jig heads.

Available in the combo version (already assembled with jig head and hook) and double combo (with both bodies assembled complete with jig head and hook), or only the spare bodies available in 16 colors can be purchased.

The jig heads are in 4 versions: the 5 gram Shore for fishing in shallow water and slow retrieves, the 8 gram Search which gives a Stand-up attitude, the 10 gram Offshore which manages to make the lure move even during the fall towards the bottom, used vertically or for long casts, the 20 gram Extra Deep for vertical fishing or to probe the deeper layers of water.

All are fitted with a size 2 Kroog hook created specifically for this size which ensures excellent penetration while remaining hidden inside the shad without compromising its movement. Size and curve of this Wide Gape has been designed to make it infallible on every via ferrata.

It is recommended to use it with nylon or fluorocarbon monofilaments maximum 8-12 lbs (0.22-0.28 mm) for maximum yield, or with braids with a maximum diameter of 0.15-0.20 mm. Its effectiveness is guaranteed in all conditions.

Black Minnow Size 2

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