Bolognese rods

Bolognese or passata fishing in Italy is a traditional fishing technique, practiced for many years. Since the advent of carbon in the early 80s it has been able to develop further because the manufacturers have managed to develop longer and lighter rods with much more ready actions than before.

The carbon with which they are made is of first choice with incredible stiffness and lightness qualities. In our shop you will find the best carbon telescopic Bolognese fishing rods mounted and naked.

The lengths can vary from 3 to 10 meters, the most used measures are 4,5,6 and 7 meters. Mainly used in river and sea fishing with float and are always telescopic.

The casting powers are available in many versions, from the light ones with weights up to a maximum of about 10 grams, the medium ones, widely used and multipurpose ones that cast up to 20 grams and the strong ones, dedicated to sea fishing or large carp in rivers.

The action of a good quality Bolognese should be with a very rigid raw bottom with a tip ready to snatch the fish. In fresh water with this technique barbel, chub, trout and carp are undermined. In the sea, on the other hand, it is widely used for sea bass, sea bream, sea bream, white breams and mullets.

Italian companies are certainly the most representative in this technique, with infinite ranges of rods available in many versions. Tubertini in the range has the R18, Bolognese among the best on the market, the new Level Vision from 0-15 grams and the Level Vision Power with a maximum casting casting of 30 grams, The Level Force, a rod dedicated to pass fishing. , the TBX, Tatanka Slim and Tatanka Power, Level Active and many others.

Bolognese rods

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