Casting fishing rods

In this section you can find the best casting rods for lake, river and stream fishing, built with a high module carbon shaft. This fishing technique arrived in Italy in the early '90s and since the 2000s has had a great development, pike and black bass fishermen have appreciated the peculiarities of this particular technique born in America and landed in the old continent a bit quietly. 

Fishing with casting rods is carried out by launching and retrieving an artificial bait, the great advantage is given by the perfect control when launching the bait and the comfort and fluidity of action that it manages to give. Its success has then spread to all spinning, whether light spinning for trout and chub, medium spinning for asp, pike, perch and large lake trout, or heavy spinning for catfish.

Lengths can vary from 1.8 metres to a maximum of 2.6 metres. The actions are mostly fast and extra fast actions for fishing with rubber and hard baits such as crankbaits, jerkbaits and medium to large spinnerbaits.

Choosing the right rod for your needs is not easy and sometimes we risk buying a rod that does not meet our needs and expectations, so you can get help from our staff always able to advise the perfect rod for your needs. 

There are many brands that we deal with, they are among the most important in the world in one-piece, 2-piece or 4-piece travel version. The thing that unites them all is the guarantee given by the parent company.

Casting fishing rods

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