Eging rods for cuttlefish and squid

Cuttlefish and squid fishing is done from a boat or from the shore.

From the boat the fishing is very different, the squid squid are always moved on the bottom, for the squid instead tataki are used, smaller artificial baits than the classic squid and you fish in the whole water column, not only in contact. with the backdrop.

The two cephalopods are similar but have habits and hunt their prey in different ways.

The rods used for this technique vary from 2 to 3 meters and can be telescopic or in 2 pieces with interchangeable tip. They have a tip action for cuttlefish, more parabolic instead for squid which are more delicate and with a too rigid fishing rod we could tear off the tentacles during the recovery phase.

Both types of rods usually have solid tip tips, which allow excellent sensitivity and at the same time power when we set sail our catches. Choosing the right length is not always easy, we recommend a 2.4 meter rod for those who fish with boats within 5 meters and 2.7 meters long rods for those who fish with boats over 5 meters.

From the shore the technique is different and also the equipment, the methods are the same but the needs change, because we should cast our lures as far as possible and therefore the rods to be used will be with an action devoted to both the launch and the sensitivity of both the stem that of the summit.

The lengths vary from 2.5 meters to 2.9 meters and the rods are in 2 pieces, the tips are tubular for very powerful rods capable of launching squid from size 3 to 4.5. The rods with solid tip, are more sensitive but launch squid that range from 1.5 to a maximum of 3.

In both types of fishing for these cephalopods it is advisable to put in the reel of the reel of the track, much more direct than a normal monofilament and able to transmit the attacks of cuttlefish and squid much better.

In our site you will find many brands available, among the best rods for boat fishing, companies such as Tubertini, Colmic, Trabucco, Penn and Maver make actions and lengths that adapt to all needs.

For shore fishing, Japanese brands have always been at the forefront such as Tailwalk, Creeze, Abu Garcia, Penn, Palms, Major Craft, Okuma, Megabass and Yamashita, but in recent years Italian companies have adapted to these standards by making gear at the height of those of the rising sun, there are many solutions in this regard and here you will find everything you need to equip yourself for this fantastic fishing.

Eging rods for cuttlefish and squid

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