Feeder fishing rods

Feeder fishing is an evolution of the more classic bottom fishing. Its evolution in recent years has been exponential and has reached an incredible amount of fishermen who have approached this technique that is able to give a large amount of catches more than any other technique.

The rods are built with a high modulus carbon blank in 2 or 3 pieces with couplings with interchangeable tips of different powers. Fishing that can be practiced in river, sea and lake, in search of many species of fish. The greatest success is certainly for fishing for carp in a pond and barbel and chub in the river.

The brands we deal with are many, such as Tubertini with the TBR, R18, Styx, Flexo and river feeder. Preston Innovation with Ignition, Supera and Monster X. Trabucco with Kompass, Guru, Korum, C Drome and much more. The measurements are in feet and not in meters, in our site in any case you will always find the conversion for an easier choice even for the less experienced who are not familiar with this measurement scale.

In the choice of length, the casting distance at which we must fish greatly influences, the longer the cast must be, the longer the rod must also be. A 9-foot is dedicated to fishing under the shore, no more than 10 meters, the 11 and 12 feet are multi-purpose measures and therefore among the best-selling. 13 and 14 feet are long casting rods in large lakes or dedicated to river and sea fishing.

Feeder fishing rods

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