Fishing gloves

Fishing is a sport that is practiced in all seasons in the open air. Gloves are used in the winter season both in fresh water and in the sea to protect us from the cold.

This is why many companies such as Tubertini, Trabucco, Daiwa, Shimano, Geoof Anderson and many others offer a wide range of models for all tastes. Often they are breathable, waterproof and windproof garments, the best of technology like Goro Tex, to keep us dry and warm throughout the fishing session.

Used by lake and stream trout fishermen to offer maximum fish catch in all seasons, while for all other fishermen used in the cold season to shelter from the cold. There are many models available, with neoprene knob, index and thumb uncovered or with all fingers uncovered to maintain sensitivity in making knots, throwing or unhooking the fish.

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