The undulating or Spoons are artificial lures for spinning with a body built entirely of metal, usually used for fishing the Trout area in a pond but also very effective for targeting larger predators such as Pike, Black bass and Torpedoes.

Most of the Spoons being dedicated to the Trout area game are equipped with a single barbless hook stock to favor Catch & Release during competitions and not, while all those for fishing for large freshwater predators are equipped with classic treble hooks. Their weight can vary greatly from the smaller versions dedicated to pond fishing ranging from gram up to 5 Gr to then go to more generous sizes up to 30 gr and beyond.

The particular shape allows an undulatory swimming as the name suggests which combined with the immense range of colors that the market makes available to us fishermen makes this lure one of the main lures of the winter sessions.

Perfect for undermining Trout both in lakes and in torrents, Chubs, Aspi, Pikes, Black bass, Torpedoes but also sea predators such as Sea Bass, Greenhouse Fish, alletterati, Sugherelli and Mackerel.

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