Sunglasses polarized

Fishing is a sport that is practiced exclusively outdoors, very often during the day and in good weather. Having good sunglasses will help you have a great day of fishing without tiring your eyes.

Much used by fishermen to eliminate water reflections are polarized sunglasses, this means that you can see under the surface of the water, indispensable in streams and rivers on shallow waters, also widely used in the sea.

The polarization of a pair of glasses is nothing more than a filter on the lens that "passes" only one type of light waves and still waves of other kinds of polarization, this allows us to see only what we actually need, so all reflections are removed .

In the sea, as well as to see underwater, if you are fishing in more or less shallow waters, it serves not to tire your eyes and dark, gray or green lenses are used, in shallow water it is preferable to use yellow or in any case clear lenses.

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