Vertical Jig and Slow Pitch fishing rods

Vertical jigging is a technique that is practiced by the boat on depths ranging from 40 to 150 meters.

The fishing rods of this technique are short and with a very fast action to be able to move the lures even at great depths and fight large fish such as amberjack, snapper and small tuna. Made of high modulus carbon and mounted with screw plate and double bridge rings with steel and hard stone frame to be able to mount braided lines on the reel.

The slow pitch rods have a slower action (slow) because they are born with the intention of giving life to lures that are moved more slowly in the water, usually more squat than a classic vertical.

Jigs are artificial lures ranging from 2 to 300 grams which, once lowered to the bottom, are animated with fast ascents. In this section you can find a wide range of rods on offer dedicated to this type of fishing. The brands we deal with are among the most important in salt water, such as: Shimano, Daiwa, Penn, Tubertini, Mitchell, Carson, Colmic and many others.

Vertical Jig and Slow Pitch fishing rods

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