Penn trolling fishing rods

Penn is a leading company in the sea sector that produces professional rods and reels of the highest quality, considered among the best in the world for reliability and durability. In this section you can find the best rods for light and deep sea trolling and tuna fishing rods, mounted with hard stone or Sic rings and pulley rings in the most powerful sizes. They are all built with high modulus carbon shaft to withstand high stresses during the fight with the fish.

The rods from 6-12 pounds or 12-15 pounds are considered coastal or light trolling or drifting also light mounted to fish with rotating reel or fixed reel very used for their ductility, they are in fact very versatile tools can entertain with prey of small and medium size but also able to support very hard fights with fish also size that sometimes you can come across towing near the coast.

The rods of larger size such as 30 pounds or 50 pounds are rods designed to fight even large tuna without any problem, tied with pulley rings and metal screw plate for spinning reels.

All Penn rods come with a 3-year warranty against factory defects.

Penn trolling fishing rods

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