The Carpfishing is a fishing dedicated to the capture of carp (Koi carp, leather, mirror, herbivorous, amur) of large size. In recent years it has been a great success among all European fishermen, thanks also to its diffusion. carp fishing can be practiced in many environments such as reservoirs, large and small lakes, both free and paid (carpodromes).

A fishing that is practiced in all seasons , in fact, cyprinids feed throughout the year, mainly in spring, summer and autumn. They are omnivorous fish and eat practically everything: shrimps, small crustaceans, grass, reeds, small fish, worms and everything they find within their mouth.

They take advantage of the barbels on the sides of the mouth, they allow him to hear anything and consider it edible or not, rooting on the bottom he sucks and spits continuously, hence the need to create a terminal in which expelling our bait the fish still remained allamat o: the air rig, an English invention, this final particulate revolutionized carp fishing, from there the so-called self-made ferrata developed from lead, then lead clips and so on.

In this section you can find a wide range of equipment dedicated to carp fishing . In particular, for the rods the brands treated are among the most important (in two-piece or telescopic version): Shimano (Tribal), Daiwa (Emcast), Grays (Air Curve, Isoflex, Prodigy, Gt), Lineaeffe (Carbon Thunder) , Sarfix, Shakespeare (Cypry), Fox (Warrior), Chub (Outkast), JRC (Contact, Skyliner, Stealth) and many more.


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