Reels for fishing

The fishing reel is used to store the wire in an orderly manner. There are many types, fixed coil, rotating, casting or baitcasting high and low profile, for every need there is the right reel. 

The spinning reels are those reels where the reel is spinning, often have the guide wire, except the larger sizes where a guide wire under stress could break the wire itself making us lose the fish, The big sizes (30-50 and 80 pounds) of these reels at sea are used for deep-sea towing and drifting with bluefin tuna. The small sizes below 20 pounds are dedicated to a coastal or medium-light trolling for lecce, greenhouse, bass, alletterati, snapper and curly. all in the production phase undergo an internal and external corrosion treatment to keep them in perfect condition for as long as possible.

The casting reels are rotating coil and all mount a small wire guide that serves to order the wire perfectly during the recovery phase. They are divided into 3 categories: low profile in small version perfect for fishing black bass and predators of similar size, in large version for pike or for sea fishing. The reels from high profile baitcasting are round and are dedicated to fishing for pike spinning or for a light trolling.

The reels with fixed coil are the most used, the coil remains still and around the rotor that coils the wire while the coil oscillates vertically distributing the line in an orderly manner. many sizes available, from 1000 to the largest 18000 for fishing large fish.

Sometimes choosing the best reel for your needs is difficult, for this reason you can contact us and ask for advice, our staff is professional and will help you to buy the reel for your needs.

Reels for fishing

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