Sea spinning rods

Spinning fishing in the sea is one of the most practiced techniques in Europe, both from the boat and from the shore. Almost all built in high modulus carbon from 2 to 4 travel pieces. Lengths can vary from 1.8 to 3 meters.

From boat fishing to spinning, the lengths of the fishing rods vary from 2 to 3 meters and the weights vary from 20 to 100 grams. There are many fish that can be undermined, sea bass, greenhouse, lecce, mackerel, cork, alletterati, skipjack, mahi mahi and tuna on the feed.

From the shore, the lengths of the rods are the same with the tendency for the same casting to be longer, to facilitate casting, a longer rod casts further and from the shore sometimes it is necessary to go as far as possible. The fish we can catch are sea bass, sea bass, greenhouse, mahi mahi and holm oak.

Mounted with hard stone rings with anti-corrosion treatment for greater durability, all are fitted with a screw reel seat.

There are many brands available such as Tailwalk, Tubertini, Seika, Creeze, Palms, Colmic, Trabucco, Savage Gear, Favorite, Abu Garcia, Berkley, Mitchell, Penn, Seika, Rapture, Daiwa and Shimano. Among the best-selling spinning rods we certainly find the X1 by Favorite, very balanced with a fast action, ideal for casting almost all artificial lures on the market. By Tubertini Seika, on the other hand, the Black Waters are certainly in the medium price range, much appreciated by launchers from all over Italy, their fast action is not exasperated and is able to launch lures of all kinds very far.

The most commonly used lures are vertical jig, jerkbait and top water lures such as poppers and pencil. The correct actions of the rods to create these lures are fast or extra fast with powers from medium to extra heavy. In our shop you will find the best spinning rods on the market at cheap prices from the best brands.

Sea spinning rods

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