Squid Jig

The squid are lures dedicated to fishing for cuttlefish and squid both from the shore and from the boat. In our online store you can find the best squid on the market.

There are different types of squid, luminous and not, in different sizes 1.5, 2, 2.2, 2.5, 3 and 3.5. The measures are chosen according to the average size of the squid or cuttlefish that you want to undermine.

The color is chosen based on the fishing environment: with turbid water usually bright colors are used, while with clear water natural colors are preferred. In addition, there are luminous squid jigs, which are charged with UV light, called "glow", widely used for deep-sea or night fishing.

The professional squid jigs are fitted with 2 stainless steel baskets, which guarantees greater resistance over time and a more effective strike.

On our site you can find squid Jatsui, Yamashita, R Sutte, Live, Neon Bright and Eginno and the classic Yo Zuri Pata Pata and Q aurie.

Squid Jig

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